Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet the newest member of our family.

After visiting the New Hope Human Society I thought it might be a good idea to adopt a dog. I feel in love with Roscoe the next day I took the kids to visit him and they loved him too. They have been playing with him in the backyard ever since. We are just trying him out for a week but Duane and I have talked about it and we are sure we are going to adopt him. He is so gentle and kind. We don't know how old his is but we think he is only a few years old. They told me that that he is a Golden Retriever but he looks more like a Setter to us. Needless to say he is a mut (we think).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas

Getting ready to go snowmobiling.

Dad, Duane, Robert, Stacy and I went for a nice ride the day after Christmas we had alot of fun. Roberts sled broke down. I want to say the drive train went out but I have no idea. All I know is the track wouldn't even roll. Which created some problems. The snow was deep without a real base and without the track turning they couldn't even drag the snowmobile. While the gals waited in the truck the boys worked on getting the sled back the truck. They ended up turning Rob's sled around and lifting the back end up on top of the back of dad's old 700 so the track was completely off of the ground. They strapped it down and Robert took off while Duane and my dad rode double on the 800 (Cozy). The only problem was they we weren't on a groomed trail and Robert would get going a little bit and then bury both sled. This happened several times! By the the time they got back to the truck they were pretty beat.

Dad getting stuck on his sled, oops.

"Oops Vaughn, I swear I didn't see that tree!"


Stac and me

Dad breaking trail.


Wyatt and Shae riding the snowmobile.

Annual Christmas Ice Hockey Match

Kirk, Vaughn, Duane, Candace, Robert, Brenda, Ryan, Bodie. Robert built an ice rink in his front yard this year. He has put a lot of time and work into building the rink. We had a great time. Stac is expecting again so she didn't play instead she watched the kids and provided some mean hot chocolate and hot cider.

Robert preparing the ice.

Bring it!

Duane and I practicing our mad skills!

Dad and Ryan

Dad and Bodie

Rob and Bodie

Shae Christmas Morning

Shae wasn't really into Christmas. She was just sad all morning. Around 10 a.m. she started having fun with her toys. Janeil gave her the same doll that Santa gave her so she now has twins. She loves playing with her dolls, she is a little mother. Wow, having a girl is way different then a having a boy. I have to help her feed the dolls and about every five seconds I have to help her wrap a new blanket around them. Thank goodness their clothes are attached or she would be undressing them and trying to redress them every second of the day.

Christmas Morning

Wyatt was so excited about his Geo Trac Airplane. He wrote Santa a letter asking for this toy around halloween.

Wyatt and mom being pulled on the sled.

Duane and Shae out plowing

Shae had fun on the fourwheeler with Duane while cleared snow at my parent's house. Duane was having so much fun he went ahead and plowed Robert's lane and widow's driveway who is in my parent's ward. It snowed everyday that we were in Star Valley so the next day Duane decided to go play around on the backhoe while my dad was at work. Watch go Vaughny!