Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting ready to go snowmobiling.

Dad, Duane, Robert, Stacy and I went for a nice ride the day after Christmas we had alot of fun. Roberts sled broke down. I want to say the drive train went out but I have no idea. All I know is the track wouldn't even roll. Which created some problems. The snow was deep without a real base and without the track turning they couldn't even drag the snowmobile. While the gals waited in the truck the boys worked on getting the sled back the truck. They ended up turning Rob's sled around and lifting the back end up on top of the back of dad's old 700 so the track was completely off of the ground. They strapped it down and Robert took off while Duane and my dad rode double on the 800 (Cozy). The only problem was they we weren't on a groomed trail and Robert would get going a little bit and then bury both sled. This happened several times! By the the time they got back to the truck they were pretty beat.


Amanda and Kalon Downing said...

What a cute dog. You look so good Candace. I sure miss you and Duane. Kalon and I had so much fun. You will have to come down to the Testicle Festival this year in Woodruff. We are going to have a ball. LOL> Well we hope you guys are doing well. IT looks like you have lots of snow. No snow here, in fact Kalon sold is snow machine, he was pretty bumbed about it. Take care and keep in touch.